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1953 Ford F-600 fire truck. It is a Ford 50th Anniversary (1903-1953) vehicle.





Ford V-8 (flathead) engine [original]

Ford V-8 OHV industrial engine [replacement]

239 cui

292 cui

96 hp @ 3,400 rpm

140 hp @ 2,800 rpm

In 1964 the truck was being driven about 90 mph fully loaded with water and equipment on a fire run when the motor failed. It was replaced on October 17, 1964.

Carburetor Holley 2-barrel 

Holley 2-barrel 



4 speed synchro-silent manual 


15,127 as of March 1, 2001


12 volt, negative ground

Originally 6 volt, positive ground. Changed over in 1964.

Gas tank

20 gallons

Approximately 7-8 mpg highway, 4-5 mpg city


Single speed

6.8 ratio

Front tires (2)

7.50 x 20-8

"split rim" wheels

Rear tires (4)

8.25 x 20

"split rim" wheels


154 inches



Front brakes

Manual vacuum

Also Lever Lock

Rear brakes

Manual vacuum

Also Lever Lock

Gross vehicle weight (GVW)

16,000 pounds

Empty vehicle weight (EVW)

8,500 pounds (estimated)

Water tank

500 gallons


Water pump

Type CA-4 5-600 Centrifugal Fire Pump S/N 12685 1/1953

500 gallons per minute at 120 psi

Waterous Co. of St. Paul, MN

Water pump controls

Central Fire Truck Corp. of St. Louis, MO 

Water pump power

PTO from gas engine

Water intake

6" suction or 2.5" hose

Water output

2 - 1" hoses (reel mounted)

2 - 2.5" hoses


Originally red. Painted white apparently in 1964 when the engine was replaced, then lime green in the 1980s.

Emergency lights

Federal 17 S/N 1N16K8

Federal 6V DC WL

Dietz 9-51 (2)


Roof mounted

Fender mounted

Bumper mounted

Hand rail mounted (rear)


Siren (Mechanical)

Federal 6V DC WL

Fender mounted

Foot activated

Siren (Electronic)

Federal PA 300 w/ Federal 100 watt speaker

Number #2 Now Truck 0311 (USMC rifleman MOS)

April  2001, OOO-RAH Fire Department , La Crosse , WI USA . All rights reserved worldwide.

Revised February 25, 2006