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Q. What is the difference between the Army and the Marines?

A. There are many differences between the Army and the Marines.

  1. One has to volunteer for the Marines, be accepted and then earn their EGA and dress blues; one can still be drafted into the Army.

  2. The Army has Drill Sergeants; the Marines have Drill Instructors.

  3. Marine slang is creative and colorful; Army slang is not.

  4. Every Marine is a rifleman (0311); only some soldiers are.

  5. All Marines are amphibious; only some soldiers are.

  6. Marines are also known as "Leathernecks", "Jarheads, "Gyrenes", "Grunts" or "Ground Pouners"; soldiers are also knows as "doughboys" or "GIs". 

  7. Marines have Lance Corporals (E-3) and Gunnery Sergeants (E-7); The Army has Corporals (E-3) and 1st Sergeants (E-7).

  8. Marine NCO's are authorized to carry a ceremonial sword; Army NCOs are not.

  9. Marines have "platoon commanders"; the Army has "platoon leaders".

  10. Marines are historically the first in and the last out of a conflict - hence the nickname "Ground Pounders".

  11. Marines attack and take ground; they rarely hold ground or give it back and then ONLY when there is a FUBAR situation created by some Army Generals (Examples: Chosin Reservoir, Khe San, Beirut, etc.)

  12. Marines hate to turn ground they've just taken over to the Army; they know the Army may give it up and the Marines will have to take it again.

  13. Soldiers follow orders; Marines overcome, adapt and improvise to accomplish their mission.

  14. Only Marines guard US Navy commanding officers at sea, US Embassies - as well as the streets of Heaven.

  15. The Army has Green Berets, Rangers, Airborne, etc. The Marines are ALL "special forces".

  16. The Marines are the only service to drive trucks and tanks, fire mortars and artillery, fly helicopters and planes - and all from land bases as well as on and from US Navy ships.

  17. Marines rarely, if ever, leave a comrade in arms behind - even a fallen comrade.

  18. The Army gets all new equipment and gear; and still takes 10 times as many people and four times as long to accomplish the same mission as the Marines can with used equipment and gear.

  19. Even then, the Army awards far more medals and promotions than the Marines.

  20. There are many ex-soldiers, but only Active Duty and Former Marines.

Once a Marine, Always a Marine!

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